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No Cold Air

No Cold Air? We Can Help!

Air conditioning repair in Stockbridge, GA isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. With the hot and muggy summers, we experience in Henry County and surrounding areas, we know it is vital to provide fast service and reliable repairs when air conditioning units stop working. 

At Best Mechanical Heating and Air, our goal is to exceed customer expectations by providing unparalleled service. When you trust one of our expert technicians to come into your home, you can expect to be treated like a member of our own family. 

Our NATE-certified technicians can quickly diagnose problems with your air conditioning unit, and we are able to quickly respond to emergency HVAC service calls so that your home returns to a comfortable temperature as fast as possible.


Why Choose Best Mechanical Heating and Air?

We offer free estimates, and all of our technicians are NATE-certified, so you can be confident you’re receiving quality service. 

At Best Mechanical Heating and Air, we continue to be one of the most-preferred heating and cooling providers in Stockbridge, GA, and we are proud of our reputation as the best in the business. Contact us today for your free estimate or to schedule an appointment!

We also offer installation, emergency repair, and routine heating and AC repair in Stockbridge, as well as the surrounding areas. We service McDonough, Hampton, Locust Grove, and all of Henry County. We are also familiar with all types of HVAC systems and can help you choose the best option for your home.

When Should Your Air Conditioner Be Serviced?

While many of our service calls are from residents whose air conditioning system has already stopped working, we also perform routine heating and air conditioning services. It is recommended that you have routine maintenance performed on your air conditioner at least once a year in order to extend the life of your HVAC system and ensure that it is working properly. 

Annual or bi-annual maintenance can save you money by catching issues early on and preventing costly emergency repairs. If you schedule your service in the spring, you will be prepared for the hot and humid summer months. 


Air Conditioning Repair In Stockbridge, GA That You Can Depend On!

If you are experiencing issues with your heating or cooling HVAC system, we can help! Common problems include: 

  • Poor air pressure – you may notice that the airflow coming out of your vents is weaker than usual 
  • No air pressure – there is no air being forced through the vents at all.
  • Your thermostat isn’t working properly – if your thermostat isn’t working properly, it can be difficult to maintain a steady temperature.
  • Your HVAC system isn’t able to blow cold air – when you turn on your air conditioning, you may notice that the air circulating in your house isn’t cold, and may even be hotter than the air outside your home.
  • Your HVAC system starts and stops working throughout the day – sometimes, HVAC systems can stop and start working intermittently.
  • You notice ice on your heat pump – although many people in Georgia call about an iced-over unit in the summertime, it can happen at any time of year.
  • You notice strange noises coming from your HVAC system – if you notice new noises coming from your HVAC system, you should turn off the unit until a qualified air conditioning repair technician can come out to find the source of the problem.


Need air conditioning repair in Stockbridge, GA? Contact us today, we’ll help you get back to the comfort of a cool home or workplace!

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